Moorpark Country Club was rated by Golf Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Best New Places You Can Play”

Most recently, GolfWeek Magazine ranked Moorpark Country Club as one of the “Best Built New Courses.” Moorpark Country Club is a Peter Jacobsen masterpiece! Designed for memorable golf moments and scenic beauty it is recognized as offering one of the most pleasing course layouts in America. The design team of PGA touring professional, Peter Jacobsen and design partner Jim Hardy, have created 27 holes of championship golf that’s unparalleled.

Creekside Score Card
Creekside - Saddleback


Hole 1
Par 5
567 Yards

BLUE 531
RED 455
GOLD 427

On this par five, accuracy is required on every shot. The drive should favor the right side of the fairway. The second shot must avoid the fairway bunkers. Long hitters can carry the left bunker, setting up the ideal approach to the green. Green is somewhat elevated and small, so your approach shot must be accurate.

Creekside - Long Shot

Long Shot

Hole 2
Par 3
200 Yards

BLUE 166
RED 140

A long par 3 that plays across the arroyo into a long, skinny green with a sharp drop off into the arroyo along the left side. If you are going to miss, miss it right!

Creekside - Fire Thorn

Fire Thorn

Hole 3
Par 4
418 Yards

BLUE 387
RED 298
GOLD 292

A wonderful dogleg left that will really test your shot-making skills. Off of the tee you must work the ball right to left, while at the same time avoiding the arroyo protecting the left side of the fairway. The second shot requires a left to right shot over the arroyo into a green that is guarded by a tree on the risght. A beautiful hole lined with Pepper trees, best keep it in the fairway!

Creekside - La Bruja Verde

La Bruja Verde

Hole 4
Par 4
423 Yards

BLUE 407
RED 354
GOLD 244

A difficult uphill hole with two forced carries and dogleg left. The tee shot is played over the arroyo uphill to a fairway protected by a stream on the left and a large hillside on the right. The player must favor the treacherous left side of the fairway to be rewarded with a shorter second shot over the stream that dissects the hole and protects the right side of the green. "The Green Witch" will be the hole everyone talks about. Be conservative, you may make par!.

Creekside - Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight

Hole 5
Par 4
314 Yards

BLUE 270
RED 237
GOLD 197

This drivable par 4 could set up an opportunity for an eagle. Be careful of getting too brave, accuracy is key as the arroyo will catch any balls hit to the left and a large bunker protects the right side of the green. A spectacular short hole!

Creekside - Lombard Street

Lombard Street

Hole 6
Par 3
195 Yards

BLUE 183
RED 139
GOLD 110

Don't let the 100-foot drop from tee to green get you thinking this hole will be a breeze. With the winds swirling through the valley, club selection could range from a 3 wood to a 7 iron. At the bottom of this dramatic cliff awaits a green with a bunker that keeps any offline shots to the right from falling down to the creek.

Creekside - Big Jake

Big Jake

Hole 7
Par 4
470 Yards

BLUE 437
RED 351
GOLD 344

A naturally beautiful, but challenging dogleg right, par 4, which runs along the bank of the arroyo to the right. Take the risk of playing a tee shot down the right side of the fairway and set up a downhill shot into this long, skinny green protected by a natural cliff and the arroyo short and along the right side. Players who decide to take the safe route down the left side of the fairway will have to deal with a longer shot into a shallow green with the arroyo catching any shots that go long.

Creekside - Coyotes Run

Coyotes Run

Hole 8
Par 4
466 Yards

BLUE 428
RED 380
GOLD 346

This long, uphill, par 4 will test endurance, and strength at the end of the round. A nice wide fairway awaits a well-struck drive. Right is the safe side all along the hole. Avoid left at all times. The uphill second shot is played with a long iron or fairway wood. The green is the largest on the course and is open in the front, inviting a run up second shot.

Creekside - Let It Ride!

Let It Ride!

Hole 9
Par 5
511 Yards

BLUE 475
RED 383
GOLD 339

The closing dogleg left hole is a gambling finishing hole. Don't let the length scare you off of this hole as it plays downhill off of the tee dropping 170 feet from the "Big Jake." The gambling tee shot played left of the fairway bunkers takes the short cut and sets up a good opportunity for reaching the green in two. A drive to the wider fairway, right of the bunkers is the safe route, but makes the hole a "three shots" to reach the green.