Canyon Crest

“Top 36 Best Course in the West”

– Fairways & Greens

Moorpark Country Club is a Peter Jacobsen masterpiece! Designed for memorable golf moments and scenic beauty it is recognized as offering one of the most pleasing course layouts in America. Moorpark Country Club has installed “Parview Global Positioning System’s” (GPS) on all golf carts! As the first and only golf course in Ventura County and Northern Los Angeles County to utilize this technology, golf players will enjoy this added benefit.

Canyon Crest Score Card
Canyon Crest - Double Dip

Double Dip

Hole 1
Par 4
457 Yards

BLUE 409
RED 344
GOLD 309

On this long par 4 slight dogleg left trouble lurks on the right. The fairway is generous, but if your tee shot is wayward right it will find the water hazard. Once you put your tee shot in the fairway you are not done with the trouble. A water hazard runs down the right side all the way to the green. It is a must to favor the middle to left side of the green on your approach shot.

Canyon Crest - Get Shorty

Get Shorty

Hole 2
Par 4
386 Yards

BLUE 350
RED 295
GOLD 267

This hole is very deceiving. On your tee shot you are forced to carry three bunkers of 180 yards, but it looks a lot more. If you can trust the yardage and hit your tee shot in the fairway you will be left with a short iron approach shot to a narrow green that is slightly elevated.

Canyon Crest - Peter's Peril

Peter's Peril

Hole 3
Par 3
177 Yards

BLUE 169
RED 134
GOLD 112

This beautiful par 3 is slightly down hill and guarded by two bunkers. From the teeing area it looks as if the green falls off the face of the earth. The key here is to aim at the middle of the green and accept par and move on.

Canyon Crest - Mountain View

Mountain View

Hole 4
Par 5
586 Yards

BLUE 562
RED 503
GOLD 464

This long and slightly downhill par five is going to be challenge for all golfers. Your tee shot must favor the left side of the fairway, because there is a bunker that protects the right side. If you find this bunker you will be penalized. Long hitters can go for it, but for short hitters this lay up shot is not routine. There are bunkers positioned on the left and right side of the fairway directly in the landing area. Once you have positioned your second shot your approach is to a two-tiered green that runs away from you. It is essential that your approach shot lands on the same tier as the flag. This undulated green will test the best putters.

Canyon Crest - Reagan Country

Reagan Country

Hole 5
Par 4
424 Yards

BLUE 377
RED 316
GOLD 286

This is a relatively straight forward hole. From this elevated tee you can see the Reagan library. The fairway is pretty generous, but if you are a little wild off the tee you will find the native grasses on the right and out of bounds on your left. For long hitters a water hazard does come into play on the left. Your approach shot will be to a very large elevated green. The smart play is to favor the right side of the green, which slopes from right to left and will funnel the ball to the center of the green. Any ball that lands left or behind the green will be out of bounds

Canyon Crest - La Mesa

La Mesa

Hole 6
Par 4
339 Yards

BLUE 314
RED 278
GOLD 263

This short par 4 looks and sounds harmless, but it will give the best players a challenge. This hole plays straight uphill and will generally play a little into the wind. On your tee shot there is a bunker on the right side of the fairway that is placed strategically in the landing zone and any ball that goes right of the fairway will find the bunker or native grasses. It is essential to favor the left side of the fairway and play the slope. Driver is not necessary. Your approach shot is to a very undulated and elevated green. The front of the green is very protected by bunkers, so short is no good. Take one club extra!

Canyon Crest - Wally's Gorge

Wally's Gorge

Hole 7
Par 4
426 Yards

BLUE 394
RED 314
GOLD 285

The views from this hole are spectacular. This tee shot is from a very elevated tee, which will assist you in caring the native grasses. It is essential to favor the right side of the fairway, because anything left of the fairway will be in a lateral water hazard. Once you have got your ball in the fairway you are left with a straight forward approach shot. It is important to favor the center to the right side of the green, because a bunker and lateral water hazard guard the left side. The green is very large and will produce a lot of long putts

Canyon Crest - El Cascabel

El Cascabel

Hole 8
Par 3
163 Yards

BLUE 146
RED 115
GOLD 102

This relatively short par 3 will test your pinpoint accuracy. There is nowhere to miss this shot, because the green is surrounded by native grasses and bunkers. If you are lucky enough to hit the green your putting skills will be tested to the fullest. If your ball is not on the same level as the flag you will be facing a very difficult two putt. Par here is good!

Canyon Crest - Duckblind


Hole 9
Par 5
547 Yards

BLUE 501
RED 439
GOLD 404

Standing on this tee you will get a beautiful panoramic view of the clubhouse and the Sespe Mountain range. This down hill par 5 is reachable in two if you are feeling courageous. Your tee shot here is most essential, because of the water hazard that comes into play down the right side of the fairway. If you are feeling confident you can hit driver down the left side of the fairway leaving yourself a chance to hit the green in two. Or you can lay up short of the water hazard and be left with a straight forward lay up shot that needs to favor the center to right center of the fairway. From here you will have less than 100 yards to a relatively flat green. The green does have some slope on the right side that can collect balls and will result in a chip shot, therefore, favor the center to left center of the green